Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin


If you're seeking a wedding photographer and videography team that goes above and beyond, look no further than Valiko & his dynamic trio of videographers, Alex, Ana & Anatoly. Our wedding, set against a breathtaking beachfront venue in Punta Cana, was made even more magical thanks to their exceptional talent and dedication. From the initial contact, Valiko's professionalism and responsiveness were evident. He swiftly addressed all our queries and provided transparent explanations of pricing and the day's schedule. Moreover, his extensive knowledge of Punta Cana's venues proved invaluable, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. On the day itself, the entire team exuded warmth, punctuality, and professionalism. They seamlessly integrated into the festivities, capturing every precious moment with ease and grace. Their approach was not only skillful but also personable, making us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the day. The photographs and wedding video exceeded our wildest expectations. Each image and frame is a masterpiece, immortalizing the love, joy, and beauty of our special day. Valiko, Alex, Ana, and Anatoly have an incredible eye for detail, effortlessly capturing the essence of our love story in every shot. However, what truly set them apart, was their innovative live stream service. When my father, unfortunately, couldn't attend due to a medical emergency, we opted to include the live stream option. Little did we know, it would become one of the most poignant aspects of our wedding day. Watching the live stream brought tears to our eyes as it beautifully unfolded like a scripted movie, capturing every emotion, vow, and heartfelt moment. It was as if our absent loved ones were right there beside us, sharing in the joy and love of the occasion. In the end, we're not just grateful for the stunning photographs and videos; we're thankful for the memories they've preserved and the moments they've allowed us to relive again and again. Valiko, Alex, Ana, and Anatoly, you are true artists, and we are forever indebted to you for immortalizing our love story with such grace and passion. For couples considering their services, don't hesitate. Valiko & team are not just photographers and videographers; they are memory-makers, storytellers, and dreamweavers. Trust them to capture your special day, and you'll be left with treasures to cherish for a lifetime. Thank you from the depths of our hearts. - The Lizardo’s
Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Madelyn bannon

Love the pictures of my daughters wedding

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

rose wexler

beautiful pictures of a most wonderful and joyous day

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Brenda vasquez

I appreciate the lovely pictures you took of this wedding

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Brenda Vasquez

Thank you for taking these most beautiful pictures of my daughter’s wedding.

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin


WOW!~ love these photos. I will download and share on IG

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin



Adored our time together! Thank you so much!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin


Thank you very much, so beautiful!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin



Hi Valiko! Thank you so much for your incredible work. Kurt and I are so happy with the results! The pictures came out great. Thank you for registering every moment of our big day and allowing us to keep this memory forever! I highly recommend your work. You are an exceptional professional!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Cathi Mickiw

Absolutely beautiful photos. Such professional quality.

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Richard Weber

An artist of unequalled talent and patience.

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

annette M pirone

These are the most beautiful photos.

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Carrie B.

Excellent experience

Very Professional. Found Valiko Proskurnin Photography online for my daughter’s wedding which was in Southampton, Pennsylvania, we are from Illinois. With all the planning and worries that go into a wedding I was very grateful that I could relax knowing the photography for this very special day was in very good hands. What a great experience!!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Katelyn Married on 07/27/2019

I would highly reccomend Valiko! 

I would highly reccomend Valiko Proskurnin Photography for weddings and other events. They were so easy to work with and made sure that all my requests met when it came to wedding day specifics. They took the time to have a sit down meeting prior to the day but were also very convienent to reach for further questioning. Valiko responded via email or phone call. As far as the product, I have been extremely pleased with my albums and individual photos.

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Kristen Married on 08/06/2021

The BEST in the business!

Valiko is an incredible photographer and person! Even though I prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it, he made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the day. Half way through the night I forgot Valiko was there to take photos because he fit right in with my friends and family. He is truly the best photographer with an amazing eye for dynamic shots that tell the story of your wedding day. 1000% recommend hiring Valiko!!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Haley Married on 09/28/2021

Incredible Experience & Perfect Photos

Valiko was very easy and fun to work with. We were more than pleased with our photos and loved every single one! We would hire him again in a heartbeat

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Becky Married on 11/11/2021

Wonderful Photography! 

I’m glad that we booked Valiko to photograph our wedding. He was relaxed, fun to be around, and unobtrusive on the day of-- he just had a great attitude. Also, I’m struck by how well his photos capture the relationships that my husband and I have with each other and with our families and friends. It feels like he really “got” us, and that’s such a sweet feeling to have when you look through your wedding photos.

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Hailee Married on 03/10/2022

A genuinely great person who does genuinely great work!

Val was an amazing photographer on our special day. He beautifully captured our day in really special candid moments. His vibe is very light and natural (natural to the eye, he put it) and loved that we got to see real emotion through our photos. He was very comfortable to be around and honestly had a lot of fun with him through out the whole day’s experience! I would highly recommend Val to friends and shoot with him again for future photoshoots.

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Crystal Married on 04/07/2022

amazing person

Valiko was an amazing person to work with! We live out of state and he was available any time we needed. He was early to the wedding and had an amazing attitude. My guests complimented how he seemed just as happy for us as we were! The pictures all turned out amazing and I look forward to working with him again!!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Olivia E. Married on 05/04/2022

Valiko was amazing!

Valiko was amazing! We could tell he was passionate about what he does. He really tried to make our day special and unique. He was very attentive to what we wanted for pictures and went above and beyond for us. He had wonderful ideas and they turned out beautifully! If you want a wedding photographer that knows what he’s doing, loves what he does, and is an all around great guy, Valiko is your man!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Lana A.

Valiko Proskurnin Photography made my wedding day! 

They were creative with the shots they took, and I loved the different angles they used. They thought of everything and made my day that much simpler and magical! They took pictures I would have never of thought to take, which are some of the best pictures of the whole night! Perfect quality and memorable photos! I get so many compliments on every picture of my wedding book i got from the too!
Love Love Love Valiko!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin


absolutely FABULOUS! 

What an incredible honor is was to have Valiko Proskurnin photograph our wedding! We could not be more happy or thankful!!!
Valiko was absolutely FABULOUS and such a pleasure to work with. He is so kind and makes you feel extremely comfortable. He is creative, flexible, and extremely talented. I honestly could not say enough great things about him and his talent!! I am so fortunate that we have our beautiful pictures to look back at forever! No hesitation- book with Valiko!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Julia W


From start to finish, working with Valiko was an absolute pleasure. He was very professional and so helpful throughout the process. Our pictures look amazing, I have received ENDLESS compliments on them. You can tell he’s very passionate about what he does. He couldn’t have done a better job ❤️

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Kate L

His work is wonderful. He is kind and hard working. He has a wonderful attitude and easy to work with. I would recommend his work for all special occasions. He captured every detail of our wedding. Thank you Valiko!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin


Hands down, the best!

Valiko Proskurnin Photography did a SUPERB job for my wedding — this was a second marriage for me and they were great about doing exactly what I wanted (and also suggesting some great options for me). The book of photos was amazing and everyone that sees them loves it. I would HIGHLY recommend Valiko Proskurnin Photography!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Alessandro M

I recommend to everyone!

They were very accommodating with our budget and we loved the video compilation of our wedding! It made it very easy to show friends and family. We definitely would recommend them!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin


Creative, Kind and Talented

My husband and I were truly pleased with the quality of our wedding photographs. I did not feel rushed or ordered around on the day of the wedding while taking pictures — which was great because there was a lot going on! Valiko was open to photo suggestions we wanted as well.
I would highly recommend their services to anyone planning on getting married or planning any special event needing documenting.

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Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Veronica N

Best photographer — thank you, Valiko! 

Everyone of our photos were Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Lindsey M

Valiko was such a joy to work with. He is so accommodating, and so kind, we highly recommend him to anyone. He’s such a gentleman and really knows how to capture the event. He takes such beautiful pictures too!! I never thought i’d have such beautiful wedding pictures. Everyone oohs and awes over them, and we’ll treasure them forever!

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Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin


HIGHLY recommend!

We had the great opportunity to work with Valiko Proskurnin Photography recently. I will describe the experience in 3 words.....BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! We were very pleased with Valiko and his photography of our wedding. We happened to find Valiko online after our first photographer backed out to shoot another wedding, just weeks before the date. We both work and Valiko was gracious enough to meet with us late in the evening. We were very lucky that he had our date available, because this guy books up fast! After seeing his work, I’m not surprised. He showed up right on time and shot non-stop throughout our big day. This guy works extremely hard, I don’t know where he gets his energy. He has fantastic ideas for poses too. We were extremely blessed to find Valiko Proskurnin on such short notice and we are happy we did. He definitely should have been our first choice, we now know. We will never make that mistake again. My wife and I both would HIGHLY recommend Valiko Proskurnin Photography to anyone. Thank you, Valiko!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Martha N.

We highly recommend him to anyone!

Valiko was such a delight to work with. He was responsive, flexible, and accommodating to all of our needs on our big day. We originally had talked about him leaving after the first dances, but he ended up staying until our sparkler send off a few hours later for no extra charge! I am extremely happy that he did, as those are some of our favorite photos. We are very satisfied with our photos and overall experience with Valiko. We highly recommend him to anyone in the area looking for a reliable, and friendly photographer! Thank you Valiko!

Reviews — Photographer Valiko Proskurnin

Meaghan Married on 04/01/2022

Stunning Photos, Awesome Day! 

There are not enough words to describe how spectacular Valiko was as our wedding photographer. I was able to book him early and Valiko has been in constant communication. Because we were extremely uncomfortable in front of a camera, we wanted someone that we felt comfortable in front of and after interviewing some photographers, I knew Valiko was the one. I was so lucky to have come across his Instagram page! We had our rehearsal dinner/welcome party and Valiko was willing to shoot photos of everyone with both headshots and family photos. We opted for this instead of engagement photos and Valiko was extremely accommodating and was also extremely flexible with scheduling. On our actual wedding day, I think Valiko was the reason we felt comfortable leading to the ceremony if not the entire night. He was able to direct us in how to pose for the photos and had an eye for the camera like no other. My husband is even more shy of the camera and he felt very comfortable with Valiko’s guidance. Valiko took many, many photos and this is when I lead to the part where we receive both the sneak peeks and the entire wedding gallery… WOW. When I say wow, Valiko really outdid himself with all of our wedding photos. He not only made us look decent (lol) but was able to capture some of the most amazing moments including our family members, friends, and other attendees. We received some of the highest of compliments on our wedding photos. Not only that, we received compliments of our photographers in general and how friendly and easy-going they were.
We have the most beautiful wedding photos that we will continue to look back on for the rest of our lives. Our families and friends raved about Valiko’s work. 1000000% recommend. We are so lucky to have snagged you as our photographer and have enjoyed working with you. We can’t wait to recommend you to family and friends. All the best, Meaghan E & Philip L

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