NYC Wedding Photographer | Valentin Proskurnin
NY wedding photographer at Wedding at Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant
Nyc wedding photographer 620 Loft & Garden
NYC Wedding Photographer | Valentin Proskurnin
New York wedding photographer at Sunset Terrace at Chelsea PiersSixty Pine Street
Clarks Landing Yacht Club, Point Pleasant
NJ Wedding photographer at The Rockleigh
nyc wedding photographer
nyc wedding photographer

NEW YORK Wedding Photographer


A unique take on fine art documentary wedding photography

Valiko Proskurnin (wedding photographer NY and NJ)

Hello there, I’m Valentin Proskurnin, a wedding photographer in New York. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of immortalizing the precious moments of numerous couples, a task I carry out with a passion that shines through in each stunning, timeless image I create.

My eye for detail, commitment to preserving your unique love story, combined with my creative vision and technical expertise, positions me as your ideal partner in capturing your special day’s memories. Whether your wedding unfolds in a vibrant city or an idyllic countryside, my dedication to capturing every cherished moment remains unwavering.

Since 2010, I’ve had the honor of chronicling the love stories of over 300 couples. My unique style combines the candid honesty of Wedding Photojournalism with the artistic appeal of Fine Art Photography. My role extends beyond that of a simple photographer; I am an artist, skilled in crafting emotionally resonant imagery.

While I am currently based in NYC, the geography of your love story poses no limitations. I have traveled the world capturing weddings in various picturesque locations, including the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Colombia, France, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Peru, and Bali.

I hold my photographic experiences in Punta Cana close to my heart. The breathtaking Caribbean setting and the delightful couples I’ve had the privilege to work with deserve their own spotlight. If you’re curious to explore more of my work and familiarize yourself with my style, I welcome you to visit my dedicated Punta Cana photographer website.

Now, as a New York-based wedding photographer, I’m driven to continue my work here, though I’m always open to travel. New York offers some of the world’s most awe-inspiring wedding venues, from glittering skyscrapers to quaint country inns, catering to every couple’s unique vision.

If you are enamored with picturesque harbor landscapes, you will undoubtedly be taken with the venues in Long Island. Stretching from the city to the Montauk area, a myriad of venues are nestled among vineyards, bays, and historic buildings.

As I extend my services to New Jersey, I am continually enchanted by the range of exquisite wedding venues it offers. Whether your preference is the sophistication of a grand ballroom or the rustic charm of a barn, there is a location to suit each couple’s aesthetic and budget.

Choosing a wedding photographer in New York City can be daunting for soon-to-be-wed couples. A wedding photographer’s task is to eternally capture your day’s memories, making the portfolio a critical factor in this choice. If my style appeals to you, note that all color correction can be customized to your preference.

If you feel we share a common vision, please don’t hesitate to book. With only 52 weekends in a year, dates can fill up quickly. To secure your date, a contract must be signed, and a deposit paid.
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